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We believe in contemplation as the keystone of change. While making a performance, our intention is to regard all aspects and subjects of the process with curiosity and open-mindedness. Hopefully, the audience experiences this as part of the result as well.

We adjust methods and our organisation to benefit the project at hand, whether this means making a performance or contributing in writing processes. Ferske Scener is a catalyst for artistic encounters. Each performance is developed by a mixed team of both experienced and freshly educated artists.

Ferske Scener is known for its capacity of implementation. With 30 years of experience, we are capable of handling most challenges on the path from idea to performance, keeping in mind that our keywords are trust, clarity, and ownership of one’s own work.


1. Be clear about your desires: a) content, b) form of collaboration. If you want the final word in all matters, make it clear from the beginning.

2. Don’t spread your focus too much. You don’t have to cover everything and you don’t have to know it all.

3. Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue. Give colleagues a change to help you out.

4. Accept the task. You don’t become a lousy artist by being a good administrator.

5. Don’t get yourself in financial trouble. This means No Loans!!

6. Make your co-workers’ contracts simple.

7. Be open about the financial terms. Show your  budget to all participants of the project.

8. The opening night is not the main target. Invest in:  a) the collaborations, the talks, the artistic leaps, b) publicity, documentation – and anything else that makes the performance live on after the event.

9. Seek collaboration with large theatre institutions and festivals.

10. Time passes as a friend. Consider the ticking of the clock to be to in your favour. It would be catastrophic if it stopped.