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Ferske Scener transforms ideas into theatrical realities. We have 30 years of experience in developing live performances out of ideas and concepts. The encounter with the audience is always the focus of the work, whether we create performances, events, readings or lectures.

For us, performing arts is the place where the inimitable meeting between stage and audience, heart and head, past and present can take place. Our aim is to create performances that acknowledge the reality outside the walls of the theatre. We realise that reality sometimes needs the support of imagination to become comprehensible.

As the everyday public scene become more and more digitalised, it’s our experience that audiences crave live performances.

Ferske Scener is a foundation, but also a production unit for four artists: Kristin Bjørn, Bernt Bjørn, Kristina Junttila and Håkon Vassvik. Each performance is created through the efforts of a unique team of performing artists and other professionals.

Ferske Scener collaborates extensively with playwrights and other writers. We assist in the development of scripts and scenarios in every part of the process. The journey from the first text to live performance can be long and occasionally discouraging. Over the years, we have developed tools to help artists through difficulties that arise. A distinctive part of our method is practical workshops where the artist tries out ideas in context, with the cooperation of actors, composers, scenographers and other professionals.

Ferske Scener is responsible for Scenetekstivalen (The Performing Textival). This venue is a part of Vårscenefest, an annual performing arts festival in Tromsø. At Scenetekstivalen the audience is able to experience readings and work-in-progress performances of new drama and other works.

Ferske Scener offers classes in writing, dramaturgy and communication.

Before the founding of Ferske Scener in 2004, Kristin and Bernt Bjørn were part of Totalteatret, the first North-Norwegian independent theatre group, from 1983-2001.

Among our collaborators are:
Rådstua Teaterhus (a venue for performing arts in Tromsø), Hålogaland Teater (the public, state-funded theatre of the region), Dramatikkens Hus (the national institution for Playwrights and Drama),  RadArt (professional network of performing artists),  Tromsø municipality, Troms county, Fram Centre; High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment,  Nordland Visual Theatre, Rulleramp, Beaivvas Sami Theater, Propellen Teater i Trondheim, and Norsk Dramatikkfestival.