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Ferske Scener has four artistic leaders:
Kristin Bjørn, Bernt Bjørn, Kristina Junttila og Håkon Mathias Vassvik.

Our team is diverse in background, age and education. Kristina Junttila holds a masters degree in Performance Art and Theory from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki. She speaks fluent Finnish and Norwegian, and pursues a career as a performance artist in both countries. Håkon M. Vassvik is an actor and a member of Verk Produksjoner. With this acclaimed theatre company, he tours most of Europe as an actor. He got his start onstage at the Norwegian Theater Academy. Kristin Bjørn is a dramaturge and a director, and has 25 years of expertise in developing scripts and drama, often in cooperation with other artists such as composers and poets.  Kristin has studied Creative Writing at the University of Tromsø. Bernt Bjørn has 30 years experience an actor and a manager/producer for independent theatre groups as well as for the Vårscenefest festival.

Ferske Scener draws on a vibrant artistic environment in Tromsø, where the ensemble holds a key position. Ferske Scener is located at Rådstua Theaterhouse in the centre of Tromsø. The four artists of Ferske Scener are also active members of RadArt, a network of performing artists, dancers, choreographers, musicians, producers, designers, photographers, writers, and others.