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Dramaturgical guidance

Ferske Scener has 30 years’ experience with new, original theatre texts. We work according to simple keywords: confidence, clarity and ownership of own work.

Through the years we have gained experience in many different genres, ranging from documentaries to music to puppetry. Recently, we have worked with such playwrights as Kristin Auestad Danielsen, Toril Solvang, Tale Næss, Einar Schwenke, Rebekka Brox Liabø, Maja Bohne Johnsen and Christina Mauer.

Our dramaturgical guidance can be done in several ways: through concept development, during the writing process, or during the process of staging. The way we work can be defined by some simple keywords: confidence, clarity and ownership of one’s own work. When we contribute with our expertise in dramaturgy, the point is always to hightlight the will of the author or inventor.

We also have experience with scripts that mix different types of text: fact and fiction, literary and oral text forms, or character-based dialogue and narrative.