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Blood club #5

Using our own stories as a starting point, Blood Club #5 lets fly at one …

Blood club #4

Blood Club is a series of performative encounters where the artists and the audience investigate …

Blood club #III

Blood Club #3 was the first meeting following the pandemic. The meeting was the final …

Blood club #II

Research shows that to create an US, a THEM is needed. Since Blood Club is …

Rage (2017)

Rage by Elfriede Jelinek In collaboration with The International Literature Festival Ordkalotten, Ferske Scener got a …

Come closer my friend (2018)

A stage text about friendship “Come closer my friend” takes you to the cemetery, the …

Ordinary Twilight (2019)

The starting point is a series of short texts, small monologues created by the main …

Blood Club

Four artists continue to trample into the mine field of culture and genetics. The theme …

Muohtadivggažat / The Sound of Snow

  Pictures of the mountain of bicycles at the Storskog border post went viral in …

Iona (2017)

Running away may look like an adequate solution when the world seems threatening, and speaking out …

Blood Club #I

”I’m interested in how much everyone relates to genetics as something definitive and that is …

Heavenly Kingdom (2016 – )

Mor, far, bestefar og Himmel er så heldige å leve trygt og beskyttet – i en konteiner.

The Clickers (2016)

Klikkerne byr på sikre, usikre og skråsikre fakta om innvandring i Norge, ispedd en tøtsj av scenekunst.

Days under (2015)

Vi tar for gitt at vi hører til the good guys. I realiteten er godhet, rikdom og makt en ganske så vanskelig kombinasjon.

Not directly hurt – Vol Tromsø (2014)

er basert på boka Ikkje direkte råka av Maria Tryti Vennerød, en samling dagboknotater skrevet under rettsaken mot Anders Behring Breivik etter 22. juli.

The chef and the fireman and the ambulance (2014)

Om kjøttkaker og spaghetti, og pannekaker med godteri, og andre godsaker som plutselig blir noe helt annet når fantasien tar over.

ArtLab#5 Vestregata (2014)

Vestregata features a part of Tromsø´s history unknown to most of us. Tromsø has had a widespread class distinction.

The Northeast Passion (2013)

As the polar ice caps shrink we prepare to adopt the «new country» to our purposes. Apparently the battle is between those who will protect and those who wants economic growth.

Just another Sámi (2013)

A personal performance about the struggle of defining oneself.

Who is Finnish? (2013)

A performance in three parts about language fixation and the uncontrollable in being multilingual.

Lillemia (2011)

The audience is included in Lillemia’s world when she runs away from her parents and the indescribable Imagination.

ArtLab#2 Goodbye (2013)

What is a goodbye? Which goodbyes are bad and which are good? Some children, more than others, often have to say goodbye.

Requiem for a pig (2013)

A black fable for adults. A celebration of language and our imagination: for everything that distinguish us from pigs.

Credit Line (2011)

They have it so very good together. He sits in a wheelchair and never moves outside the house.

We raise our heads in shame (2010)

A newly written Northern Norwegian opera. A science fiction drama from a future, not so distant.