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ArtLab#2 Goodbye (2013)

What is a goodbye? Which goodbyes are bad and which are good? Some children, more than others, often have to say goodbye.

Lille Hålogaland Theatre(Hålogaland Theaters young ensemble) with playwright Kristin Auestad Danielsen and director Katrine M.E. Strøm has invited a group of children from Prestvannet kindergarten in Tromsø to find out what children think about the above questions.

During an intense work week they will work with text, space, movement, and the results are presented at the Firestation. Prepare for sirens, play, pain and truth.

Hålogaland Theatre will this spring work in collaboration with RadArt, a theater network in Tromsø, to present theater stunt to the audience. Along with invited artists, we investigate the theatrical forms, play with texts, arguing with the contemporary and shoot from the hip.

Short rehearsal and simple instruments, as in a dogma style, applies to an informal meeting with the audience. Some meetings will be at the theater, others at Rådstua. Or in an apartment in Tromsdalen. Or in a tent. Or in a store window. Join our artistic development and let us know what art is for you!

ArtLab # 2 is developed in joint collaboration with Ferske Scener.

See the video here :