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ArtLab#5 Vestregata (2014)

By Maja Bohne Johnsen

In ArtLab#5 Vestregata the audience will be presented a play script in progress on Tromsø’s recent history .

The year is 1960. Eight strong women tell about their life together in a communal residence where everyone knows everything about everyone. In the center of the story is Johanne and her daughter Synnøve. Johanne is struggling to cope with her life. Synnøve has to bear the brunt. The empowered women around her are wondering if the little girl should have been in an orphanage. Or should Johanne put everything in God’s hands? How about finding herself a real man?

With darkness lurking just beneath the surface, this is a humorous and life-affirming story. Vestregata features a part of Tromsø’s history unknown to most of us.

The plot starts the year the bridge from Tromsø to the mainland opens. A new era is at hand. Shortage of houses leads to people living in German barracks, women doing what they can to get their hands on their husbands wallet when he has been at sea so he should not drink the money away, and it is obvious that good school girls from working families must work, while their brother is aloud to proceed to high school.

The audience will experience a staged reading of a script where the final ending is not set. Meeting the audience is central to developing the text further and a lot can happen.