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Blood Club #I

Four artists with different connections to Norwegian, Finnish and Sami step into the minefields of CULTURE AND GENETICS.

”I’m interested in how much everyone relates to genetics as something
definitive and that is taking a leading role in many intimate contexts in life. Relationships in
a family is very often explained through genetics; a child’s traits, talent and
attributes are inherited from their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts. At the same time, most people will say that genetics as a model of explanation is very problematic in a political and social context. I’m interested in exploring this space literally and performatively. In addition, I am interested in what feels paradoxical about being Sami, that it should relate to an identity and belonging that ultimately is a genetically conditioned collective.”

– Sigbjørn Skåden

What and who

The title plays both on the genetic community, – The Blood Club, and the food “blodklubb” -Gumbá – in Sami.
Gumbá is the party food that is served on the Sami People´s Day around many places in South Troms.

The founders of the Blood Club are the author and profiled Sami, Sigbjørn Skåden, the Finnish / Norwegian performance artist Kristina Junttila, actor and Norwegianised Sami, Bernt Bjørn and Norwegian dramaturg Kristin Bjørn.

Open meeting

The Blood Club had its first audience meeting during Scenetekstivalen in 2018 where newly written texts, old music, exercises with the audience, serving of blood food, competitions were presented, and the  genetic test of the four founders were opened for the first time. Did their public identity match the results of their genealogies? And what does a genetics test really reveal?

The project was supported by Ferske Scener, Dramatikkens Hus and the Norwegian Arts Council.