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Come closer my friend (2018)

A stage text about friendship

“Come closer my friend” takes you to the cemetery, the grocery store and outer space. Two narrators share their thoughts on death, relationships, weekday chaos, belonging and loneliness. Could it be that finding the right friend could be as important as finding the right partner?

How close can you get to another, where is the limit, when do you get to the innermost border of another human being? In “Come closer my friend” we use the polyphonic both as approach and method. Central to the reading is the dynamics between the two narrators, who talk both to each other and passed one another.

The reading is the final point of a one-year collaboration between the writers and Ferske Scener/ Scenetekstivalen.

After the reading, the writers engage in a conversation with dramaturge Kristin Bjørn about the experience of bringing together fictional writing and performing arts. What is added to the text when it is not written in solitude, but within a conglomeration of impulses and inclinations, both stemming from without and from within?


About the contributors

Caroline Kaspara Palonen lives in Harstad. She is educated at the Art College in Bergen and the Programme for Creative Writing at the University of Tromsø.  She debuted in 2011 with the novel “Xeroxdager”. After that, she has written the novels “Du er meg for søvnig” (2013, Cappelen Damm) and “Det er mitt hav” (2015, Cappelen Damm). In 2016 she published the poetry collection “Øy, øy” (Cappelen Damm).

Ingvild Solstad-Nøis lives in Tromsø. She has completed the Programme for Creative Writing at the University of Tromsø. She debuted with the novel “Jeg trodde det skulle bli fint å komme hit” with the renowned publisher Oktober (2011) and followed up with “Rolig sone” in 2013. She works as the manager of the International Literature Festival Ordkalotten.

Anethe Alfsvåg was born in Oslo, grew up at Nordmøre and lived for several years in Tromsø. She is educated as an actor and singer from Rose Bruford in London, Bårdar Akademiet in Oslo and Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen. Besides her performative work as an actor, Anethe has also worked a lot as a pedagogue, instructor and improvisor.

Tonje Dreyer Sellevoll is from Stonglandseidet and lives in Tromsø. She is educated as an actor from École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, and is one of the founders of the international theatre collective YVA.

The collaboration between Ferske Scener/Scenetekstivalen and Ordkalotten is funded by SNN Kulturnæringsstiftelsen.