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Credit Line (2011)

By Rebekka Brox Liabø

Their intimacy is total. They feels good in each others company. He sits in a wheelchair and never moves outside. The relationship between them is threatened when she initiates a secret relationship with another man. Where does the closeness stops and where begins the struggle to survive as an independent individual?

The performance is a chamber piece for small venues.

Rebekka Brox Liabøs script Credit Line was one of five texts in the main program of the Norwegian Drama Festival in 2011.

The script is developed in joint cooperation with Ferske Scener.

Rebekka Brox Liabø (1978) was born and raised in Kristiansund, but has lived the last 10 years in Tromsø. She has a 2 year Author-study from the University of Tromsø. By day she runs the enterprise Roller Ramp, where she works as a professional theater writer teacher.


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