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Days under (2015)

–      We must do something. We have a duty to react when realizing somebody is on a wrong path

These are the works of the main character in Arnes Lygres text ‘Days Under’. He helps people become who they were meant to be. He sets them free.
The problem is that he needs to hold them in captivity while they rid themselves of their old self.

The lines between helping, ruling and abusingcan be invisible. We take for granted that we belong to the good guys. While in reality kindness, wealth and power are hard to combine.

Looking back in the Norwegian history, we know a lot about what has been going on under the premise of good intentions in orphanages, in the treatments of travellers, or in the Norwegianization of the Sami indigenous people in Norway.

Arne Lygre is a playwright that continuous to expand the limits of the dramatic form. It is the rich perspective in his dialog that is unique. The characters have the ability to see themselves from the outside, twist and turn on their perspectives and comment on themselves and each other in front of the audience.

From reviews:

‘Days Under’ is a strong and original play. With Kristin Bjørn’s direction and Bernt Bjørn’s performance, they highlight that when an individual feels weak, unsure and without purpose, it can become a motivation to take control over others… The sound is built into the amphitheatre, which works as a type of basement wall for the audience to sit in. This makes the audience a physical part of the scenography and a different way than we are used to in theatre. Lillian Bikset, Dagbladet

’Days Under’ directed by Fresh Scenes is a very special thriller. The characters talk about themselves and each other in third person and there is almost no physical contact between the four actors. However, you still find yourself wanting to close your eyes and hide when bones are crushed and dismembering and punches are happening – literally in sentence form: “The owner” hits women. “The owner” leaves the room.
The Owner is played by Bernt Bjørn and delivers a thrillingly good performance in this claustrophobic basement.

Photo: Ingun A. Mæhlum