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Heavenly Kingdom (2016 – )

Rimfrost Productions and Ferske Scener take the audience to the Heavenly Kingdom in a sci-fi reading.

The text is performed as live radio theatre. Live sound effects, voices and music enable the audience to picture the story as it develops.

We start locked in a container. We don’t know where, we don’t know when and we don’t even know if we will ever get out of here.
Inside this cramped box we meet a child called Heaven, his mother, father and grandfather.

Apparently they have been in there for a long time. Longer than Heaven can remember, but how long can that even be?
The only contact with the outside world is through the food that is delivered though a shaft. It’s the same menu, at the same time, every day. The light is red, as the reality outside is dangerous.

Only inside these metal walls are we safe, or so we have been told. Are we though? What is going to happen if one day there is a knock on the wall and someone wants to get in?

From reviews

“The target group is young adults, but as an adult viewer I felt that the performance equally speaks to my generation and time, which is a clear strength to the script, direction and performance”

Ragnhild Freng Dale, Periskop.no

  • For 11 years and over
    Photographer: Stein Bjørn