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Not directly hurt – Vol Tromsø (2014)

About hate and kindness

We insist on being kind in the meeting with encountering of everything unknown. We assume that if we are kind enough, any conflict can be revealed to be a misunderstanding.

In the autumn of 2014The fight between nationalist and us “multiculturalists” is more irreconcilable then ever.
How do we meet the hatred, we who don’t believe that higher walls, more armed police and more surveillance are the answers?
We, who are “not directly hurt” don’t follow the norm, prefer to withdraw into our own personal artistic sphere when the world behaves in a manner that we are not comfortable with. Are there any new tools we can appropriate when fighting this hatred?
For us, friendliness has been the apparent tool when facing new environments and people.
We are kind, and we like to believe that if we are kind enough, any insurmountable problems will turn out to be misunderstandings. But hatred kills, and our kindness is seemingly helpless.

About hate and kindness is based on the book “Ikke direkte Råka” (Not directly hurt) by Maria Tryti Vennerød, a collection notes from a journal written during the trials against the terrorist  Behring Breivik after the terror attack 22. July 2011.

Of and by: Ferske Scener: Kristina Junttila, Kristin Bjørn og Bernt Bjørn
Text: Maria Tryti Vennerød

6. desember  2014, Rådstua Teaterhus, Tromsø