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The chef and the fireman and the ambulance (2014)

This play is about finding what you like and letting people know what you don’t like. It is about meatballs and spaghetti, pancakes with sweets and other treats that can turn into anything, once the imagination takes control.

The actors Bernt Bjørn and Alexander Martinsen are Tromsø’s version of Helan and Halvan, two very different guys who are best friends, even though it might not always appear that way.

Kristin Auestad Danielsen’s text is a tribute to the imagination and the playfulness of people. But it is not always a game, underneath it all there are questions every child asks: how much will you put up with, just to be a part of the game, and how much can you decide over others, before you end up playing by yourself.

For kids aged three years and over.


Text: Kristin Auestad Danielsen
Director: Kristin E. Bjørn
Scenografer/Costume designer: Ingvill Fossheim

Actors: Alexander Martinsen, Bernt Bjørn

Premiére 22.november 2014

The performance is supported by Dramatikkens hus, Frilansfondet and Rådstua Teaterhus.