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Lillemia (2011)

By Toril Solvang

I am not bad, although there are many things I can not do. – Lillemia

A puppetry for adults and children from 6 years on. The audience is included in Lillemia’s world when she runs away from her parents and the indescribable Imagination.

The journey ends in a ship along with the frog who believes he is an enchanted prince, an exhausted captain, a binge oracle and a business man who falls in love even if he does not have time for it. They are all part of Lillemia’s creative struggle for trust in herself.

[quote] – Everything else than an A4 theater. The students sat spellbound. [source] – Lofotposten [/ source] [/ quote]

[quote] – Beautiful and important theater. Puppetry Lillemia address important issues in a distinctive aesthetic universe. [source] – iTromsø [/ source] [/ quote]

The script is developed in joint cooperation with Ferske Scener.