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Ordinary Twilight (2019)

Ordinary Twilight is an encounter between the illustrator Elin Fagertun, the actor Bernt Bjørn and the short prose texts of Ron Røstad.

The starting point is a series of short texts, small monologues created by the main character Emil. Emil is the first generation of a new tribe: the sons of fathers from Northern Troms, these sons who grew up in the city and acquired a liking for the unproductive, the dreamy and the beautiful, to the great disappointment and bewilderment of their fathers.

Ordinary twilight is the lightest point of the day in the Polar Night. The strange thing is that the hour of the gnomes and the fairies is so ordinary, a revelation the recounter of the monologues Emil makes when he returns to Tromsø after many years in Oslo.

Alminnelig tussmørke er den lyseste tiden på dagen i mørketiden.  Det merkelige er at tussenes time er såpass alminnelig, en oppdagelse monologens forteller Emil gjør når han kommer hjem til Tromsø etter mange år i Oslo.

The first show of this performance took place on May 3rd, 2019 at the performing arts festival Vårscenefest.



Ordinary Twilight is a result of a cooperation between the literature festival Ordkalotten and the festival for new stage texts, Scenetekstivalen. In September 2018 three Tromsø authors, six actors and a dramaturg met in order to investigate the stage-scenic possibilities in the text of the authors. The encounter between Ron Røstad’s texts and actor Bernt Bjørn is the starting point for Ordinary Twilight.


Funded by

Ordinary Twilight is funded by Arts Council Norway and The Norwegian Centre for New Playwriting.


Photo: Stein Bjørn