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Requiem for a pig (2013)

By Kristin Auestad Danielsen

A black fable for adults. A celebration of language and imagination: for everything that distinguish us from pigs. Ruth runs a hotel for animals called The Stable, a place where people who are tired of their life can settle in and become their favourite animal. Kjetil, Randi and Geir come to The Stable and wishes to become respectively a pig, a dog and a giraffe. Kjetil has left his little nephew, and the others have also left relationships that became too difficult.

Ferske Scener shows «Requiem for a pig» in three different versions :

  • The documentary, a display of the text – In the documentary the audience get to walk at their own pace between texts, stuffed animals, animal masks and facts.
  • The radio play is the actors’ improvisation over the text. The text is treated as a surface where all role divisions among the actors is revoked. The actors grabs the words and deciding sounds in the situation.
  • The play – The play is directed staging with physical and visual images.

The starting point for all three versions is the script of Kristin Auestad Danielsen. It has been performed once before, at the Aarhus Theatre in Denmark, with the title «A Pig´s Heart.»

The script is developed in joint cooperation with Ferske Scener.

Kristin Auestad Danielsen(1981) is a poet and a playwright writer. Her background is the Author-study in Tromsø and a Playwright education at Aarhus Theatre (2007-2010). She has published two poetry collections.