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Talking in the Rain – An entertaining show about the weather

What are we really talking about when we talk about the weather? A joint project with Vestlandsforskning and Reality Research Center, Helsinki.

As an audience member at Talking in the rain (Helsinki edition), you get to experience a performance from a distance. It consists of a package delivered to your door by a bicycle courier, text messages and a joint Zoom meeting, where the packages are opened and the content taken into use.

Talking in the rain is a project that changes expression according to the context it is shown in. Previous showings have been in Hammerfest (April 2019) and Sogndal (September 2019)

5th to 14th of November 2020, we meet the audience in Helsinki at the festival Moving in November

We all have an inescapable, mundane relationship with the weather. In contrast, we tend to consciously choose how to relate to climate and climate change. Talking in the Rain: An Entertaining Show About the Weather approaches questions relating to the weather and climate through embodiment. The performance is created in the form of a talk show, during which the audience is exposed to the weather mentally and physically.

In addition to processing the topic through dialogue and thinking, we want to understand what happens in our bodies when we talk about the weather and climate change. By combining the mind and the body with art and research, the artists will focus our attention to the experience of the weather.

Talking in the Rain: An Entertaining Show About the Weather is a joint project of three partners: Reality Research Center (Finland), Ferske Scener (Norway), and Western Norway Research Institute (Norway).

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The pictures below are from Helsinki November 2020 (photo Jan Ahlstedt), Hammerfest in April-19 (photo: Ziggi Dan) and from Sogndal in September-19 (photo Christian Blom)