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Talking in the Rain – An entertaining show about the weather

A collaboration with the Western Norway Research Institute and the artist collective Reality Research Center in Helsinki about the art of talking about the weather.

In Talking in the rain, we employ the performative methods and strategies of performing arts to bridge the dichotomies; mind and body, art and research, being in a standstill and action.

Talking in the rain is a project that changes the expression according to the context in which it appears. Previous views have been in Hammerfest (April 2019) and Sogndal (September 2019)

In October 2020 we will meet the audience in Helsinki at the festival Moving in November

Can we learn to feel the weather somewhere where we are not?
Can we learn to feel the weather of the future?
Can we feel the way our neighbours feel the weather?
What are we actually talking about when we talk about the weather?

Talking in the Rain – An Entertaining Show about the Weather starts outside as an invitation for the audience to sense the weather in their own surroundings. We bring these sensations with us inside, where the feelgood format of the talk show is disturbed by wet feet, bright sun in the face and a search for ways to feel the climate change.

The idea behind the performance is simple: we relate to Weather on a personal and embodied level, while our relation to Climate often becomes an intellectual and abstract exercise. This is reflected in how we normally talk about these issues. Talking about the weather is absolutely harmless socially. Talking about the climate – not to mention the climate crisis – is a step into a warzone of predetermined political positions. In this performance, we want to step into it all with both our feet; the harmlessness as well as the warzone. Together with the audience, we want to create a space where there is room for excitement, misinterpretation and laughter while the wind blows us off our seats.

Talking in the rain is an ongoing series of encounters with the audience. So far, shows have been made in the Norwegian towns Hammerfest and Sogndal before this third edition in Helsinki. The site and the surrounding community highly impact the content and form of the show. Through performative and embodied strategies, we want to feel, with mind and body, what we are facing when we talk about the weather and climate change.


The pictures below are from Hammerfest in April 2019 (photo: Ziggi Dan) and from Sogndal in September-19 (photo Christian Blom)