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The weather project. An entertaining show about the weather (2019-20)

A collaboration with the Western Norway Research Institute and the artist collective Reality Research Center in Helsinki about the art of talking about the weather.

We invite to shows in Hammerfest (April 2019), at the Research Days in Sogndal (September 2019) and create a larger project in Helsinki autumn 2020 and for the Dance Festival Barents in Hammerfest 2021.

Each show is different. We use performative strategies to connect the dichotomies: mind and body, art and research, numbness and action.

We are inspired by walks in nature, talk shows, questionnaires, and youtube-videos. We pull our heads out of the snow and poke our toes in the cold water. Together we are searching for embodied experiences of the weather – and of the climate. Is it true that we won’t accept the climate crisis before we feel it?

The first meeting with an audience was at our artist-in-residence with Dance Arena North, Hammerfest, April 10th, 2019.

The photos below are from Hammerfest, April-19 and from Sogndal, September-19.