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Ferske Scener creates context-specific performances in the intersection between text and relational performances. Ferske Scener was established in 2004. Throughout the years we have explored different forms and genres within performing art, with a foundation in newly written texts.

We belong in the Arctic. The region´s collisions and encounters connected to culture, language, ethnicity, nature and society, is the framework for our performances. We  are inspired by the tensions in our socity. Our performances are based on a need for conversation or negotiation that needs to take place here and now, live with our audiences. We create performances that thrill, challenge, ask questions and entertain the audience. We are interested in provocation as well as laughter.
Our artistic methods and forms of organization adapt to each project we undertake. Ferske Scener is a catalyst for meetings between artists. Each performance is developed by a collective that combines experience and fresh ideas.
We are multilingual. Our performances combine Sami, Finnish and Norwegian language.

We are committed to creating a complete experience, where all the tools, like the space, the script, the language, the first meeting with the audience, technology and the artist presence, all help top create different forms of audience participation. Participation in itself is not the goal, but rather how the participation can build on the content of the current performance. We are willing to take risks and open up for what we cannot completely control.

«The foundation’s purpose is to be a professional stage company, with particular emphasis on the development of new written texts for the stage. This involves working and experimenting with all the varieties of arts that concern performance in order to create significant performances for contemporary times. Ferske Scener aims to perform to a wide audience.»

The artistic leadership of Ferske Scener consists of Kristin Bjørn, Bernt Bjørn and Kristina Junttila

Ferske Scener operates professionally and is financed on a project-by-project basis. Our revenue comes from national artistic funds and the sale of services and performances, as well as contributions from partners. Tromsø Municipality contributes with a fixed operating grant. Troms County is also an important supporter.