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Ferske Scener is run by Kristina Junttila, Bernt Bjørn and Kristin Bjørn. We are based in Tromsø and have worked extensively with theatre and performance throughout our professional lives.

Bernt Bjørn

Bernt Bjørn is a Norwegian-Sami actor, improviser and singer with 35 years of experience from the stage, the big screen, and TV. The revitalization of Coast-Sami culture and self-representation has been pivotal to his work. He has a lot of experience when it comes to working with new scripts.

Bernt has played a central role in the establishment of several professional networks ad cooperation projects across different disciplines and institutions, such as RadArt, Vårscenefest and Frilanskrets Nord (freelance circle north) in the Norwegian actors association. He was one of the founders of Northern Norway’s first fringe group, Totalteatret, in 1983.

He has achieved several scholarships and awards. He also gives courses in acting techniques, communication and voice training.

Kristin Bjørn

Kristin Bjørn is a dramaturge, writer and director. She often works outside of the traditional stage and seeks cooperation partners from other disciplines than the performative arts. In recent years she has also worked as a moderator and led events from the stage in the intersection between performing arts and seminars/conferences.

Kristin has studied Theatre Arts and have a 2-year degree in Creative Writing. in 2016 she debuted as an author with the short stories collection Sant Nok (“That’s true”), published by the renowned Norwegian publisher Gyldendal. Throughout her 30 years in the field of performative arts, she has altered between fiction and documentary material as a starting point for new performances.

Together with Bernt Bjørn she has managed Scenetekstivalen (“the stage textival”) since 2013. She has received numerous awards and grants for her artistic work.

From 1985 to 2001 she was a central member of Totalteatret, an award-winning theater company based in Tromsø.

Kristina Junttila

Kristina Junttila (b. 1977) is a Norwegian/Finnish artist working in the field of Live Art. She constructs events and performances where modes of participation might occur in sites such as a hairdresser, old folks home, lecture roos or in the more traditional black boxes and gallery spaces. She acts as a performer, collaborator, director, writer and teacher.

Her works can take form as an exercise, conceptual art piece, full-length performance, intimate meeting or as a relational event. She plays with established conventions, often being naive and minimalistic, using documentary, but also evoking imagination.

Kristina has been involved in the artistic leadership of Ferske Scener since 2012. In Ferske Scener she has made and contributed to Who is Finnish?, The Northeast passion and the documentary in Requiem for a pig.

Junttila has studied theatre, visual arts, critical theory and pedagogy in Copenhagen, Tromsø, Darlington, Turku, and Helsinki. She holds a BA degree in Applied Theatre from Turku Arts Academy and an MA degree in Performance Art and Theory from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, the highest education for theatre in Finland. Kristina is now an affiliate Ph.D. student at the Art Academy in Tromsø.

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The Board of Ferske Scener

Leader Astrid Aure
Astrid is of the opinion that culture and art can change or move the world and that words create attitudes and actions. That’s why she has a heart for Ferske Scener. She is the administrative manager of Tromsø International Film Festival and has more than 20 years of experience with management and communication in the industry of culture and media.

Member of the board Fredrik Forssman
Fredrik has years of experience from the music industry and was one of the main people behind the project “The New Tvibit” – a creative hub established in Tromsø’s old fire station. Today he is managing Tvibit Music / KOFOR.

Member of the board Espen Igesund
Espen is an advisor in BDO AS with wide experience from different fields within the culture sector. He has been involved in many communities and business development projects and thinks that it is important to create a vibrant environment for people to work and live in Northern Norway. Life must contain a good balance of “bread and circus”, and Ferske Scener is a good contributor in this respect.

Member of the board Trude Borch
Trude is a researcher in the social sciences at the Fram Centre – High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment. She has a great passion for business and culture in the north and has worked a lot with projects and networks in the travel industry. She thinks it is important to involve creative disciplines and communities in the business sector as we know it.