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Muohtadivggažat / The Sound of Snow

  Pictures of the mountain of bicycles at the Storskog border post went viral in …

Iona (2017)

Running away may look like an adequate solution when the world seems threatening, and speaking out …

Days under (2015)

Vi tar for gitt at vi hører til the good guys. I realiteten er godhet, rikdom og makt en ganske så vanskelig kombinasjon.

Requiem for a pig (2013)

A black fable for adults. A celebration of language and our imagination: for everything that distinguish us from pigs.

Credit Line (2011)

They have it so very good together. He sits in a wheelchair and never moves outside the house.

We raise our heads in shame (2010)

A newly written Northern Norwegian opera. A science fiction drama from a future, not so distant.