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Scenetekstivalen 2013

Five playwrights testing out their ideas on Scenetekstivalen 2013, each with its own team of artists. Sometime reality requires imagination to be understood and here fiction and facts is mixed to help this happen. Scenetekstivalen is the first result of a long-term partnership between the Foundation Ferske Scener and Dramatikkens Hus. Scenetekstivalen was held 2nd – 4th of May 2013 in Small Projects and view room Kurant, and is part of Vårscenefest – Tromsø Theatre Festival.

Nevo-600Requiem for a pig
By Kristin Auestad Danielsen. A black fable for adults. A celebration of language and imagination: for everything that distinguish us from pigs. Ruth runs a hotel for animals called The Stable, a place where people who are tired of their life can settle in and become their favourite animal. Kjetil, Randi and Geir come to The Stable and wishes to become respectively a pig, a dog and a giraffe. Kjetil has left his little nephew, and the others have also left relationships that became too difficult.

Scenetekstivalen Morten 11ar Morten 11 years
By Toril Solvang and Rimfrost Theater Ensemble

What has living mailboxes and lemon drops to do with death? The book Morten 11 years by Simon Flem Devold is a collection of letters between the author and Morten that they sent each other over the last period Morten lived. It has affected and involved children and youth across the country. Through humour, curiosity and lemon drops it is now conveyed for a new generation of curios children. The production Morten 11 years is at its infancy. The public is invited to participate in the first meeting between stage and audience. Short conversation with the author and the ensemble after the show.

On stage: Alexander Rindestu, Kristine Myhre Tunheim og Jonas Delerud

The political trinity

By Eivind Haugland

Sometimes the POLITICIANS must think that the VOTERS are a bit silly. Sometimes the JOURNALISTS must irritate the POLITICIANS greatly. Sometimes the VOTERS must get bored of the game. In this text Eivind Haugland explore the political trinity. But who are they? And who has the power really? The text is based on the author’s conversations with politicians, journalists and the rest of us. Conversation with the author afterwards.

Cast: Toril Solvang, Ingvild Meland, Karen Land, Hanne Gjerstad Henrichsen, Jo Adrian Haavind and Jonas Delerud.

Kven_er_finskWho is Finnish?
By Kristina Junttila and Ferske Scener

Who is Finnish is a performance in three parts that deals with language fixation and the uncontrollable by being multilingual. And the question whether Kristina Junttila is Finnish or Norwegian. The first part is a short dramatic work based on interviews with Finns and Finnish immigrants in Northern-Norway. The second part presents a linguist’s professional knowledge of multilingualism. In the third part we get to know Kristina Junttilas biography. She is multilingual and has been it all of her life. Is it so good as the linguists want us to believe?  Short conversation with the author and the contributors after the  reading.

Cast: Kristina Junttila, Kristine Bentzen, Bernt Bjørn og Jussi Salminen

Scenetekstivalen - Lisa Lotta LarsenLisa Lotta Larsen
By Rebekka Brox Liabø

Class, social mobility and a marketplace full of attributes.

Join us as Lisa Lotta Larsen, the world’s only living doll, creates itself. But it is easier said than done since she does not know what she wants. Knowing what she does NOT want to be, is something completely different. A text for youth and adults.

Cast: Maja Bohne Johnson, Kristine Myhre Tunheim, Kristin Bjørn and Rebekka Brox Liabø




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