Gå til innhold


Fire kunstnere fortsetter å trampe inn i minefeltet kultur og genetikk.

Både gener og kultur er i kjernen av hva vi er og hvem vi er sammen med andre.

Det er en stor motsetning mellom hvordan vi forholder oss til genetikk og kultur på individnivå kontra hvordan vi forholder oss til det som gruppe eller samfunn. Det fins et gap her som vi ikke snakker om, men likevel forholder oss til med den største selvfølge.

Det er dette gapet vi vil utforske sammen med publikum i prosjektet Blodklubben.


Foto: Tom Rune Angell-Storö Juliussen


“I did really not know what to expect when being directed to the second floor of the city bar in Harstad. I had signed up for Blodklubb and my curiosity was mainly around how this controversial show or gathering around genealogy would play out. As a newcomer to the area I did not have all the references in place but that did not mean I did not comprehend the methods and the means of this performative community experience. I thought it was daring, playful and edgy. Obviously some of the people in the audience were quite provoked and perhaps rightfully so but Ferske Scener managed to create a space for a truly shared experience, where you were invited to participate in a communal event that left me quite touched and certainly sparked many thoughts both about the artistic approach and about the content. The best experiences I have when proposed with an artistic content is when I see that the artist/s are trying to convey something that is close to them, their hearts and/or convictions and to be allowed to be a part of a meaningful process. All this I did experience that night and I wish for Blodklubb to remain as a search for a meaningful exchange between people of different backgrounds and opinions.”

Ragnheiður Skúladóttir
Direktør for Festspillene i Nord Norge